Luca (/'lukʌ/ LOO-kuh; oʀᴛʜoᴅox: L) is the smaller and nearer of Iær's two moons. Following a prograde orbit, shadow moves from right to left across its surface, like Earth's moon; it rises in the east and sets in the west. With a more dense composition than Talas and its inner position, Luca has fewer major impact craters; Luca does however feature numerous minor craters, as impact deflection and other impact debris from Talan impacts offset the aforementioned factors to a varying extent.

Luca is a significant component of the major religions of Iær. With its similar apparent magnitude with Luca, there are still some who believe they are the same size, despite evidence provided by the latest telescope technology.


Satellite of:

Surface Area:
19 997 930.8 km²
52.72% of Earth's moon
Mean Radius:
1 261.501 km
72.61% of Earth's moon
8.40913×10⁹ km³
38.30% of Earth's moon
3.51249×10²² kg
47.84% of Earth's moon
 Mean Density:
4.177 g/cm³
124.91% of Earth's moon
Surface Gravity:
1.215 m/s²
12.39% of Earth's (ɢ)

Orbital Velocity:
4.00043 km/s
391.43% of Earth's moon
Orbital Period:
8.00107 d
8d 0h 1m 32.448s

Mean Orbital
440 138 km
114.50% of Earth's moon

[Orthographic Map]
Orthographic Terrain Map (Near side)

[Equirectangular Map]
Equirectangular Terrain Map
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