Talas (/'tæləs/ TAL-əs; oʀᴛʜoᴅox: T) is the larger and more distant of Iær's two moons. It follows a retrograde orbit, and shadow appears to move from left to right when viewed from Iær; it rises in the west and sets in the east. It has a less dense composition than Luca; this, in addition to its outer position, results in significantly more and larger impact craters on its surface. The relative positions and sizes of Talas and Luca result in similar apparent magnitude—it was believed in the Last Era (and still is in some quarters) that they are of the same size.

Talas is of great importance to the religions of Iær. Followers of The Sanctum, especially the educated populace, recognize that Talas is larger and more distant than Luca rather than identical; advancements in telescope technology have removed any doubt, however adherents to Nabi Kii still refute this fact.


Satellite of:

Surface Area:
48 145 403.6 km²
126.93% of Earth's moon
Mean Radius:
1 957.368 km
112.66% of Earth's moon
3.14127×10¹⁰ km³
143.06% of Earth's moon
9.55576×10²² kg
130.15% of Earth's moon
 Mean Density:
3.042 g/cm³
90.97% of Earth's moon
Surface Gravity:
1.781 m/s²
18.16% of Earth's (ɢ)

Orbital Velocity:
2.18727 km/s
214.02% of Earth's moon
Orbital Period:
30.46265 d
30d 11h 6m 12.96s

Mean Orbital
916 116 km
238.32% of Earth's moon

[Orthographic Map]
Orthographic Terrain Map (Near side)

[Equirectangular Map]
Equirectangular Terrain Map
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