Lunar Magisterium

The Lunar Magisterium (commonly referred to as the Magisterium, the Sanctum Magisters, or simply the Magisters), are the primary caretakers of the faith and highest-ranking officials (under the Lunarch) in the Sanctum Lunar Orison leadership administration. Its membership consists of two Sanctum Magisters repesenting each sovereign state (except for Iisan, which has no Sanctum representation, and Parrania, which is officially represented by the Lunarch alone). States have a Sanctum 'Talan' Magister and a Sanctum 'Lucan' Magister, representing Iær's moons, with the Talan Magister being senior to the Lucan.

Sanctum Magisters are appointed at the pleasure of the Lunarch, although traditionally appointments are submitted for a symbolic majority vote in the Magisterium. Appointments to the Magisterium are for life, however a Sanctum Magister may retire with the consent of the Lunarch.

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Lunar Magisterium
Seal of the Lunar Magisterium

83 (two from each sovereign
      state except Iisan and
      Parrania, and the Lunarch)

1 Pridole, 0
at First Conclave
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