Sanctum Lunar Orison

Sanctum Lunar Orison (commonly referred to as The Sanctum, which also refers to its leadership administration) is the overwhelmingly predominant religion throughout Iær. It is the recognized official religion in 42 of Iær's 43 sovereign states (all except Iisan, where the older ditheistic Nabi Kii is still practised).

Its administration is formed from its three pillars: The Lunarch—the leader and highest-ranking official within the Sanctum; the Lunar Magisterium—the chamber of next-to-highest-ranking officials, which manages most of the Sanctum's operation; and the Order of Sanctum Justice—a league of eight appointed representatives that enforce Sanctum Law and carry out the Lunarch's will throughout the world

Sanctum Lunar Orison adherents define their faith by the view that the two deities associated with Talas and Luca—Iær's moons—work in conjunction, rather than in opposition (as held by followers of Nabi Kii). As science clearly demonstrates, Talas and Luca are separate and unequal, and their effects on Iær are complimentary (tide calculation can be used to explicitly quantify each moon's component contribution as well, illustrating clearly their complimentary nature).

Given that many of The Sanctum's tenets are rooted in concepts that can be empirically proven, its traditions and teachings have become widespread and accepted as the norm almost everywhere in Iær (especially in religious and educational institutions).

Sanctum believers understand and believe in the Iæran system as it is: Talas and Luca are natural satellites—nearly spherical, rocky objects—orbiting Iær, which itself is a nearly spherical object in orbit around the Iæran Sun. This contrasts with Nabi Kii views, which agree that Iær is spherical, but hold that the 'heavens' are essentially the inside of a great sphere (with Iær at its centre), and that the Sun, moons, and stars are flat objects that move along this surface.

The Sanctum teaches that Talas and Luca are deities, which originally worked together to create the Sun, and then came together in 'divine union' to create Iær, their 'child'. The belief is that Talas and Luca created the lands and the seas, as well as plants, animals, and finally people; they are said to remain orbiting Iær, watching over it as parents watch over their children. With this teaching, the cooperation between the two deities is always emphasized to promote cooperation among the faithful.

Sanctum Lunar Orison focuses on bettering the self through the assistance of others, and through integration and participation in the local community. It teaches that Talas and Luca's bounty in creating the planet itself should be honoured by showing generosity and compassion in kind.

As in many other faiths, there are a set of laws that must be adhered to by members of the faith. These laws originate from The Sanctum through its legislative branch, are codified by its executive, and are enforced by its judiciary.
Sanctum Lunar Orison
Type of Religion:
≈68 700 000
94.9% of total Iær population

Lunar Magisterium
Order of Sanctum Justice
Recognized Official Religion States

Callandrian Empire
Fira Kanas
Karnoras Korazin Kyria
Lamanth Latëinda Lienande
Lienimras Londe Merimor
Nerosi Nevrestir Nimriande
Norastir Orlon Parrania
Roëkan Sahane Serazin
Sirestir Siscian Empire Tenia
Tia Soni Tirasëa Valade
Viala Ban Ythran Ziozin
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