Nabi Kii

Nabi Kii (/'nɑːbi 'kiji/ NAH-bee KEE-yee; oʀᴛʜoᴅox: N K) is the predominant and recognized official religion in Iisan, and is a secondary religion in many other countries (none of which officially recognize it, as Sanctum Lunar Orison is heavily predominant everywhere else).

A small majority of its congregation is formed by native Iisani, with nearly 90% of Iisan's population subscribing to Nabi Kii; the remaining diaspora exist in all other countries, typically to a very minor degree. In many ways, Nabi Kii is very similar to, and inclusive of the old ways (religions practised prior to the advent of Sanctum Lunar Orison) in many places in Iær, and as such, it serves as a ready alternative for those who reject the teachings of The Sanctum.

In Iisan, the Emperor acts as the effective leader and final arbiter of all religious matters. The religion lacks a cohesive organization structure throughout the disapora however, with many communes naming local leadership from among their own ranks, and many coexisting without official religious leadership.

The most basic definition of Nabi Kii includes a necessary view that the two deities associated with Talas and Luca—Iær's moons—work in opposition, rather than in conjunction (as held by The Sanctum). Additionally, despite empirical evidence to the contrary, the faithful view Iær as the centre of the universe.

Nabi Kii is well-established but is much more loosely defined than Sanctum Lunar Orison. Similar beliefs were once much more widespread throughout the world, and as The Sanctum's teachings eventually caused the old ways to recede to Iisan, the belief system there that would become Nabi Kii assimilated some of the tenets believed by those outside the country. Likewise, those that held to the old ways outside of Iisan gradually integrated some of the traditions that had originated there.

The faithful believe that the skies and heavens exist as the inner suface of a great, hollow sphere, with Iær at its centre. They hold that the Sun, Talas, Luca, and even the stars are great 'disks' that move along this inner surface, which itself rotates about Iær.

Prior to the rise of Sanctum Lunar Orison, the belief that Talas and Luca are the same size was widely-held, due to their similar apparent magnitude. The teachings of Nabi Kii still hold this to be true, despite evidence to the contrary; conversely, the teachings of The Sanctum describe the Iæran system more or less as it actually is.

Nabi Kii teaches that neither the Sun nor Iær itself have a beginning, have always been, and that Talas and Luca were born on Iær as twins. The myth is that their rivalry and quarreling grew so great that Iær itself could no longer contain them, and so they travelled to the heavens and continue to quarrel there to this day, having achieved a deity-like status among the faithful.

Days in which both moons have the same phase are very significant in Nabi Kii, as this occurs as the moons pass each other along their opposing orbits; this can be clearly seen from Iær, and the faitful believe that Talas and Luca have 'caught up to each other' and are engaged in holy battle during such events.
Nabi Kii
[Nabi Kii]
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Emperor of Iisan
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≈863 300
1.19% of total Iær population
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